About Us

Enjoy Art Every Day

Our business aims to produce gorgeous fine art gifts and homewear that can be enjoyed everywhere. Why limit your favourite artworks to the walls when you can enjoy them all day long - on the bus, at the shops, even at the beach!


Celebrating British Art

There are many, many art tea towels and other art housewares on the market but often they have been designed for the product or are heavily edited to fit the shape of a product. Our approach is quite different. 

We work closely with the artist each step of the way to ensure that the artwork is faithfully re-produced and is not altered in any way that is not sanctioned by the artist. Most of our products use artworks that have been previously published by the artist in limited editions, they are not created exclusively for us. We like the purity of this approach. Our products are not contrived, they are all about the art and the artist.

How it started

The business is run by Rebecca Cowdry, who stepped out of her life as a global IT project manager in 2008. She says "when I left my 'old' job, I was looking to set up an innovative business that I could organise around family life. It was just as the country was going into recession and it wasn't the best time to be starting up a new venture, but that fact in itself gave us an idea. We believed that art should be accessible and inclusive, and affordable to all budgets. We set about creating a range of unlimited edition fine art tea towels. The response was amazing."

Within a year they were selling to over 80 shops in the UK.

Rebecca's business partner is her real life partner, Sally Patrick, who runs Hayletts Gallery. Sally has over 20 years experience dealing in art and her knowledge of the artworld was invaluable. Sally remembers how they selected the first artworks for the tea towels "there were so many artworks to choose from and naturally the talent of the artist is paramount. We wanted them to be striking and cheerful but equally important is the artwork reproduces well on to fabric."

Rebecca Cowdry

Rebecca Cowdry


Sally Patrick

Gallery Director